White Soap (Samla Yen)


This is an intensely cleansing black soap (see description below for more info).

Our all natural handmade black soaps are imported from Ghana and are completely free of synthetic fragrances and coloring agents. The soaps retain the smoky scents of the pure ingredients they are made with. Black soap is well known for its ability to help clear the skin of blemishes and help ease skin irritations.

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White soap is traditionally used to help clear rashes, acne, or persistent skin blemishes and irritations. This is a powerfully cleansing soap that may be used on all skin types; however, those with extremely dry skin may want to start with testing a small amount or mixing this soap with a gentler soap (ex. rub a little of this soap and an Aburi line soap together on your loofah or hands).

White soap is made with various botanical ingredients. This soap contains unrefined coconut oil, unrefined shea butter, and unrefined palm kernel oil. White soap is a naturally soft soap and should not be left in sitting water as it will dissolve. Soap that is not being used should be stored in its container packaging.



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