Ghanaian Black Soap

The groups of natural soaps commonly known as African Black Soap in the West all carry individual names in Ghana. Only the black colored soap (our cocoa soap) is referred to as black soap (“samla din”) in Ghana. For simplicity’s sake, all of our imported soaps are categorized as black soap on this website. Our all natural handmade black soaps are imported from Ghana and are completely free from synthetic fragrances and coloring agents. The soaps retain the smoky scents of the pure ingredients they are made with. Black soap is well known for its ability to clear the skin of blemishes and help ease skin irritations.

Aburi Botanicals offers three types of black soap, easily distinguishable by color. The first is the most commonly exported Ghanaian soap and is traditionally known as African Black Soap in the West (Black Soap; brown-colored, known as “nme samla” in Ghana). We also offer Cocoa Soap (a very dark brown-black colored soap, known as “samla din”) and White Soap (off white-colored, a more potent black soap, known as “samla yen”).

*Black soap is a naturally soft soap and should not be left in sitting water as it will melt. Soap that is not being used should be stored in its container packaging.

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