Privacy Policy

Aburi Botanicals will not disclose, sell, or pass on your personal information to any third parties. Personal information is only used to process and ship your orders and to communicate electronically via our mailing list.

Return Policy

We are confident that you will love our products and customer service. If, however, you are unsatisfied with your order for any reason, please let us know immediately and we will remedy the situation. If you have any comments, complaints, or suggestions, you may reach us via email at info@aburibotanicals.com.

Product Quality

Aburi Botanicals is dedicated to always providing the highest quality products, ingredients, and experience to our customers. We lovingly prepare our products with care and respect for the natural ingredients we use. Because we use natural ingredients, product batches may sometimes differ slightly in appearance, texture, or scent due to the nature of nature! Nature-derived ingredients and products may change slightly from season to season and crop to crop. Temperature and humidity in our own production facilities can also affect product batches. We try our best to keep things as consistent as possible and to adjust for seasonal changes. For example, our whipped shea butter and cocoa butter recipes are adjusted for cold and warm seasons. However, the small differences that may occur in certain products are just an example of the beauty of the natural and handmade experience.

Product Safety

Aburi Botanicals products are natural, vegan, and synthetic-free. All scented products are scented using essential oils and plant-derived ingredients only – no synthetic fragrances. Some of our products’ shelf life is extended with natural antioxidants and preservatives including, but not limited to: vitamin e, rosemary extract, and grapefruit seed extract. Raw, unprocessed products including pure shea butter and pure cocoa butter are left completely unadulterated. Most products will keep well for at least four months (ex. body scrubs) and up to three years (ex. unrefined cocoa butter) if left unadulterated by the user. For example, powdered facial scrubs should be used and mixed as needed, with the remainder left dry and sealed in the container. Customers should only mix the portion they will need for one use with their liquid of choice; water or other liquids should not be mixed into the dry scrub unless being used immediately.

As of now, we do not use any synthetic preservatives nor offer any products that require synthetically manufactured preservatives that guarantee longer shelf life. Please read ingredients carefully before use to ensure you are not allergic to any of the ingredients. Adults and children with sensitive skin or allergies should conduct a patch-test on a small area of skin to make sure there are no negative reactions to the products. If any irritation occurs, discontinue use.