Cocoa Soap (Samla Din)


The most gentle of our black soaps. Cocoa Soap helps to promote a balanced complexion and improve rough, uneven skin.

Our all natural handmade black soaps are imported from Ghana and are completely free of synthetic fragrances and coloring agents. The soaps retain the smoky scents of the pure botanical ingredients they are made with. Black soap is well known for its ability to help clear the skin of blemishes and help ease skin irritations.

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Black soap is made with various botanical ingredients. This soap contains unrefined cocoa butter, palm kernel oil, plantain skin and cocoa pod ash. This soap may bleed as a result of the botanical ingredient camwood. This is normal and rinses off very easily. White spotting is a normal result of the soap’s exposure to air. Do not let soap sit in water. Soap that is not being used should be stored in its container packaging.


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